Professional History

Professional HistoryManaging money is a multi-generational family tradition. Drawing on a heritage of financial reliability and acumen, Georges Benarroch has developed specialized expertise in corporate finance and investing.

After obtaining multiple graduate and post-graduate degrees in law, political science and international relations from universities in France and Canada, Georges Benarroch began his banking career in Paris.

He worked for a few years in the European offices of what was then Canada’s leading investment house, before establishing his own business. He founded two investment firms that acquired seats on both the Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges, and also founded two asset management companies. Deploying his expertise in financial markets, he quickly established a reputation as a valid counterparty trading international securities and was able to co-lead issues with some of the world’s leading banks. 

Georges Benarroch manages Comindus Finance. Comindus Finance offer specialized investment banking services,run a proprietary trading platform and acts as sole or co-investor in private equity transactions.