Regulatory Compliance

Comindus Finance has a formal process for managing its compliance procedures, systems, and reporting.

The jurisdictions limiting Comindus Finance have laws regulating money laundering. Comindus is fully committed towards the completion of its goals and responsibilities under the law. The company requires its clients to verify identities and asks them to provide a rationale for foreign payments.

As part of the Comindus Finance compliance process, Comindus Finance expects regular meetings with its clients, wherever convenient to the clients. However, at least one of the meetings will take place at the client's place of residence.

As part of its comprehensive compliance plan, Comindus Finance expects regular client meetings with client convenience


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If a particular form of planning is being considered by the client, there should be expert advise taken. This can help prevent any inappropriate decisions and convey client knowledge on fiscal matters.

For that reason, Comindus Finance wishes to emphasize that any material appearing in this website is not intended to constitute offers to sell or solicitations in connection with any services described.